Feast Your
Eyes on

Feast Your
Eyes on These.

Feast Your Eyes on These.

Read these case studies in silence while you daydream about all the great work we can do together. The results here are tangible. And, our promise to you is simple: Your project is in good hands; we will always respect you, your company, your budget and your timeline.

Case Study:

BASF iPad App

When the largest diversified chemical company in the world wanted to start using tablet technology, they wanted to start with Catamold, a granulate product. And, they wanted us to create a mobile app standard that would deliver as much information as possible while still looking great and being a breeze to navigate.

  • Contains all technical specifications and case studies for all product formulations
  • Usable offline, allowing sales team to work in remote locations
Full Product List
Increased Leads
Native iOS App
iOS App
Offline Access

Case Study:

Auto-Owners Insurance

Auto-Owners Insurance felt it needed a brand-building, full-scale campaign that would excite their agents and introduce them to new policyholders. Even on a limited budget, 3PC Media was able to successfully develop a national print, TV and radio campaign.

  • National television advertising campaign
  • On-location, large-scale video shoots
105M+ Impressions
Award Winning
Time Magazine

Case Study:


Pittsburgh Technical Institute was struggling to get their recent graduates into the corporate world. We helped by shipping “graduates” out in human size boxes to unsuspecting hiring managers and creative directors around the Pittsburgh region. Inhumane? Maybe. Genius? Definitely. The human size empty box resulted in several job and intern placements.

  • Guerilla-style marketing campaign—inexpensive, effective, time efficient
  • Garnered as much media attention as it did results
80+ Packages
Award Winning

Case Study:

Eaton City

The Eaton City Electrical Navigator transports users into a virtual 3D world where they are granted instant access to thousands of electrical solutions. From products that harness the power of the sun and wind to more traditional electrical gear, this interactive powerhouse was designed and developed to promote both product information and lead generation.

  • Entire city modeled in 3D to show detailed products and services
  • Update planned to include international products with multiple languages
2,000+ Products
36+ Industries
Award Winning

Case Study:


The world’s largest collection of microorganisms and cell lines for the research of life sciences needed new branding and a new website. We immersed ourselves in ATCC’s world, interviewed over 300 scientists and researchers, then created a 120+ page website to serve researchers in academic, government and private industries.

  • Information and technical documents on over 3,400 cell lines
  • Custom deployed enterprise-level CMS and eCommerce solutions
300+ Interviews
120+ Page Layouts
Home Page

Case Study:

Unnatural Rubber

To mark the 100th anniversary of butyl rubber, LANXESS Corporation and The Andy Warhol Museum asked 3PC Media to merge art with science and create something unforgettable. What followed was a competition featuring 15 world-renowned artists, an exhibit that toured the world and a website/social media platform that followed the whole thing.

  • Winners created a tactile timeline of the history of butyl rubber
  • Permanent exhibit resides in Cologne, Germany
6 Country Tour
$1M+ Budget
15 Global
Award Winning

Case Study:

Digital Library

SAE International (Society of Automotive Engineers) wanted users of their documents to subscribe to their services as opposed to purchasing individual technical papers and articles. With nearly 200,000 documents they needed a way to sell the value of the library, promote and increase its usage among both academic and industrial users.

  • Targeted banner ads show users related documents to the subject they are reading
  • Set to become largest revenue stream of all of SAE’s products
SEO Metrics
Custom CMS
Leads Per
3 Three

Case Study:

Pennsylvania Pork Company

Nothing is more exciting than watching a small business become a big one. That’s exactly what happened when Pennsylvania Pork Company went from a family recipe to a retail darling with high-end food stores. No doubt our most delicious client, it’s been a joy to watch them grow and take over grocery shelves everywhere.

  • Small business grows large with the help of branding and a CMS-driven website
  • Utilized photo-realistic 3D renderings to assist with product photography and retail store adoption
National Retail
+26% Unique Views
9 9
Award Winning
SVG not supported.

This Is For
Whom It

This Is For
Whom It Works.

This Is For Whom It Works.

Our clients help pay our mortgages and allow us to provide for our families, and we never, ever forget that. These are the people that we believe in; and through the wild successes, we’ve helped them achieve, they in turn believe in us.

We serve the biggest and the smallest of companies. We don’t discriminate and we don’t stop until everyone is delighted.

This Is Where
It Works.

This Is Where It Works.

We believe that good design, development and deployment of technology or a marketing strategy can mean significant budget dollars saved and countless hours of efficiency achieved.

And when we say full-service agency, we mean it. Whether you need a native iOS app, a customized Content Management System that integrates with your corporate IT infrastructure, or a national advertising campaign, we have the reach and the resources to make it happen.

To put it simply,

3PC Media
specializes in




This is who
we've become.

This is who we've become

Celerity Acquires Digital Solutions Agency 3PC Media

Celerity, a business acceleration consultancy that delivers enterprise web and mobile, business transformation and IT talent solutions, recently acquired 3PC Media, a Pittsburgh-based digital agency specializing in mobile application development, user interface design, and strategic branding.

About Celerity

Celerity is a business acceleration consultancy helping companies break through key stuck points in technology, efficiency, strategy, and talent. Our consulting teams deliver fast and efficient web and mobile solutions, business process, and IT talent services. Hedaquartered in McLean, VA, Celerity operates eight regional offices with over 600 employees and $83 million in revenue.

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